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How Do I Care For My New Plant?

Tillandsias / Air Plants


Tillandsia Air Plants are absolutely the most interesting, exotic, and fun plants that exist on this planet.  Air Plants are unique because they don't need any soil or sand to root down into to help them to grow.  They are very easy to grow and take care of.  Definitely make great gifts too!

Really think about it... What other plants can you think of that can do well without any soil whatsoever? (thereby allowing them to be able to grow in the oddest places... perhaps vertical spaces, attached to anything, or even just hanging attached to nothing at all). They have such a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, and be among the most carefree and care-forgiving of any plants on Earth!

Air plants live on air, right? Uh, not right! We wish! Even though they don't grow in soil, they definitely still need a little love and care... Oh yeah, and water!



We love these plants because they can survive for long periods of time without water, they will not grow or thrive and will eventually die off if we completely neglect them.

Follow the directions below for watering your plants on a regular basis and they will stay alive and well for quite some time.  The good news is that since these plants are very forgiving, you shouldn't stress over their care schedule too much. There's certainly no need to get a babysitter when you go on vacation!


Water once every two weeks by soaking in water for about 2 hours.  Let dry. It's as simple as that!

If you have a plant that is attached to a display you can mist your air plant until completely wet once a week.



Crystal Jar Terrariums :

Simply water the Ecosystem every 3-4 weeks. For closed terrariums, remove the top to air out once a week for optimal health.

What is the right amount of water?

Always remember that less is more! A great way to water your plants is a spray bottle. Make sure the water is evenly distributed. DO NOT OVER WATER.

Where do I keep my terrarium?

You can place your terrarium virtually anywhere. However, we do suggest keeping it in an area where it receives a sufficient amount of sunlight.  You'll want to avoid placing it in direct sunlight, especially when they're babies!

Fluorescent lighting can act as artificial sunlight, making office spaces a great place to keep your garden as well.

Succulent Spheres :

These spheres contain a small ecosystem to hang in your home.  They love light, a sunny window is preferred, but artificial light will do as well.  These plants are cultivated to be grown in dry dirt with dry air, but can also just to wet environments.  They are perfect for someone who needs something to love, or for someone who doesn't have time for something to love.

Once a month, either spray down the sphere thoroughly with water, or bring it to the sink to soak in water for a couple minutes.  Let dry. Rehang. It's as simple as that!


If you're a 90's kid like me, you were all about the virtual pet phenomenon. Virtual pets were definitely a good time, but sometimes they can be a virtual pain in the butt.  You have to pay attention to them all day long.  We're talking virtually feed them and play with them everyday, all day! And yes, they virtually love you, but its just not the same as real love. But then, most virtual pets are easy to carry around, whereas real pets either won't fit in your pocket.  This is our solution : The Mini Pet Cactus !

All you have to do is just sit your new spiky baby in water once every three weeks for about a minute. The water will then percolate up to the cork and into the roots. Mission complete!



Coming Soon!

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